Food dryers for quality processing of seasonal fruit
20.11.2022 | Editorial office

Food dryers for quality processing of seasonal fruit

Drying is the oldest method of preserving food. Replace the classic lengthy drying in the sun with faster drying in dryers. Discover the world of drying mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, herbs and other foods. Have healthy, chemical-free snacks at hand all year round. Keep the necessary fiber, trace elements, vitamins and minerals in them.

The advantage of drying is the smaller volume of dried food. They are not perishable when stored properly. They do not require additional energy for long-term storage. Count on consumption of only 0.1 to 0.5 kWh per drying.

Dry fruits and vegetables at the same time. Dry the herbs separately for their aroma. Depending on the liquid content of the food, drying can take from 4 to 54 hours . It is best to store dried food in airtight containers without access to moisture. They reliably keep delicious for 1 to 2 years. Your investment in drying will have a quick return .

Choose dryers with lower noise .

Do not forget to always place the dryer in a safe, well-ventilated place .

Round dryers

Round dryers

Dryers with a predominantly round design are typical with the possibility of adding or removing plates for drying food. Add individual sieves to floors as needed.

Use the temperature regulator to set the drying intensity for individual types of food. The location of the motor and heating in the lower part requires the sieves to be shifted manually from the bottom up. Quality dryers include a rear fan for uniform drying of the entire internal volume of the device.

Choose a dryer with 5, 14 or more plates. Also pay attention to the material and strength of the drying nets. You will handle them most often and they can get damaged. Hard plastic will last longer even with worse handling.

Rotating plates help better air circulation.

  • the possibility of adding/removing sheets for drying the possibility of purchasing additional sheets energy saving when using fewer sheets lower purchase price
  • plastic version, less strong, the need to move the sheets vertically during drying

Vacuum sealers for longer preservation of fresh food

Food containers

Square shelf dryers

Square shelf dryers

Square shelf dryers are typical for storing the motor on the side . The design for uniform drying on all sheets does not require their additional tossing. Shelf plates simplify handling during drying.

Control modern dryers via the touch screen . Always have up-to-date information about the drying time, the set temperature, or the current temperature in the dryer. Set the temperature and time the drying time . Use the preset drying programs .

The RAW program with a drying temperature of up to 42°C dries food most gently. Keep as many nutrients and high vitamin content as possible.

High-quality stainless steel construction extends the life of the devices. Note the original accessories.

The Teflon mat will be ideal for drying food without sticking to the plate.

Herb sieves with a denser mesh are suitable for drying herbs.

Are you planning to dry fruit with a high liquid content? Secure drip trays . They catch excess juice and are easy to clean.

The amount of food and its drying time is determined by the performance of the dryer . It is true that the larger the volume of food and the lower the power consumption, the longer you need to dry it.

  • uniform drying on all shelves possibility to change the height between the shelves more comfortable operation more functions and drying programs larger dimensions more efficient drying for larger volumes of food possibility of making it in stainless steel
  • higher procurement costs, larger dimensions, higher weight, even over 10 kg, more demanding to store

How to save money by changing eating habits?

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