How to choose the right hob?
26.11.2022 | Editorial office

How to choose the right hob?

How to choose the right hob? A simple question, but a more complex answer. Each hob has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Do you cook often and a lot, or only occasionally?
  • Are you looking for a classic or a stylish design element for your kitchen?
  • Do you want to save on the purchase of a hob, or later on cooking?
  • Prefer cooking safety or a primary energy source?
  • What about cleaning up after cooking?

Try innovative, fun and easy cooking. Equip your home with ceramic glass a hot plate or a safe induction hot plate . _ Their combinations with gas on one hob are also available. Choose a hob with one or more heating zones. In addition to timeless design and higher safety, get lower consumption, easier maintenance and a number of smart functions.

Control everything by touch . Touch detection is signaled by sound.

Use the Booster function to temporarily increase the performance of the cooking zone. In the flexi zone , the surface of the cooking zone automatically adapts to the size of the bottom of the pan.

Use a child lock to prevent the hob from being accidentally started. Automatic shutdown will ensure that the appliance is switched off in case of prolonged inactivity.

The function for keeping the temperature ensures the desired temperature before the planned serving. Plan your cooking with a timer . Pause and return to cooking as needed.

Information about the set parameters and residual heat can be found on the appliance display .

Leave assembly and installation in the hands of experts.

Electric hobs

Electric hobs

Classic electric hobs with cast iron plates are the cheapest and least economical option. Due to large heat losses and long response during temperature regulation, they are not suitable for normal cooking.

  • the cheapest damage resistant hobs
  • the highest consumption of electricity

Gas hobs

Gas hobs

Gas hobs can be a standard choice. They are suitable for households with access to cheap natural gas, or when using bottles with propane-butane. But also in cottages, cottages, campsites or on the road. Modern gas hobs have integrated ignition. Safety is increased by the automatic closing of the gas supply after the flame goes out. The modern style is completed by the use of a glass-ceramic plate.

  • acceptable purchase price simple and fast temperature regulation use of glass-ceramic materials applicable for cast iron, metal, aluminum, glass or ceramic dishes
  • lower safety when handling gas less safe cooking on an open fire less distinctive design more difficult to clean grills and gas burners

Glass ceramic hobs

Glass ceramic hobs

Do you want to cook efficiently, easily and stylishly? Elegant glass-ceramic hobs will be your ideal helper. The built-in electric heating system uses the heat of the heating coil for heating. Choose the right size spiral according to the size of the bottom of the pot. The heated surface has a bright red color. Pay attention to the longer run-up of residual heat in the cooking zone. To maintain the cleanliness of the smooth surface, gentle care with cleaning agents for glass ceramics is necessary.

  • nice design element for every kitchen classic heat heating suitable for all standard pot materials easy maintenance noiseless cooking
  • residual heat of the glass-ceramic hob after switching off, the possibility of burning food residues on the surface of the cooking zone, the possibility of damage in the event of an impact, the possibility of damage to the surface when moving dishes, higher requirements for the maintenance of the glass-ceramic surface

Pressure cookers

Induction hobs

Induction hobs

Modern induction hobs are the most energy-saving and safest.

The effect of magnetism and induction heating is used to heat the metal bottom of the cookware in the magnetic field of the cooking zone. The surface of the board is almost cold. Only the pot and its contents are heated. After the dishes are removed, the heating is stopped immediately. Avoid burnt food residue. You will achieve significant energy savings. Automatic lighting and start of steam extraction will be ensured by the superior Hob2Hood function of the smart hood set.

Induction hobs with an integrated hood will be appreciated on your cooking island or on the kitchen counter in front of the window. The hood will not disturb the luxury of the overall design, nor the view from the kitchen.

  • choice of design, material, color luxurious retro to futuristic design lowest consumption lowest residual temperature of the cooking zone safest cooking quick and easy cooking innovative functions
  • the highest purchase price cooking only in pots with a ferromagnetic bottom unsuitable for people with a pacemaker possibility of damage in the event of an impact the possibility of damage to the surface when moving dishes higher maintenance requirements for the glass-ceramic surface higher cooling noise need for multiphase power supply

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