PEUTEREY - Panker Jacket #855700

PEUTEREY - Panker Jacket #855700

PEUTEREY - Panker Jacket #855700

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PEUTEREY - Panker Jacket - product description

logo-patch buttoned jacket from PEUTEREY featuring white, logo patch at the sleeve, classic hood, classic collar, front button fastening, button fastening at the shoulder, long sleeves and straight hem. This item is in size 40 and the color is White

Product PEUTEREY - Panker Jacket #855700 belongs to the product group A jacket, it is produced by the brand Peuterey, size is 40, in color WHITE, material version is >Elastane7 %, >Polyamide51 % Synthetic, >Polyester42 % Synthetic, Synthetic and is suitable female.

PEUTEREY - Panker Jacket - product parameters

Designed forfemale
MaterialSynthetic->Polyamide51 % Synthetic->Polyester42 % Synthetic->Elastane7 %
CategoryJackets, A jacket, Coats, Hoods, Patches
Material>Elastane7 %, >Polyamide51 % Synthetic, >Polyester42 % Synthetic, Synthetic
Designed forfemale

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