MONCLER - Vernoise Jacket #929631

MONCLER - Vernoise Jacket #929631

MONCLER - Vernoise Jacket #929631

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MONCLER - Vernoise Jacket #929631

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MONCLER - Vernoise Jacket - product description

Vernois logo-print hooded jacket from MONCLER featuring camel brown, logo print to the rear, drawstring hood, long sleeves, drop shoulder, front two-way zip fastening, elasticated trim and snap-fastening cuffs. This item is in size 2 and the color is Brown

This product is in the category A jacket, it is produced by the brand Moncler, size is 2, in color BROWN, material version is >Polyamide100 %, Synthetic and is suitable female.

MONCLER - Vernoise Jacket - product parameters

Designed forfemale
MaterialSynthetic->Polyamide100 %
CategoryJackets, A jacket, Coats, Hoods
Material>Polyamide100 %, Synthetic
Designed forfemale

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