MONCLER - Veraide Jacket #876750

MONCLER - Veraide Jacket #876750

MONCLER - Veraide Jacket #876750

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MONCLER - Veraide Jacket - product description

zip-fastening hooded coat from MONCLER featuring pink, classic hood, long sleeves, front zip fastening, drawstring fastening waist and logo patch at the chest. This item is in size 0 and the color is Pink

Product MONCLER - Veraide Jacket #876750 belongs to the product group A jacket, it is produced by the brand Moncler, in color PINK in the offer of the e-shop and is suitable female.

This product is in the category Long jackets, belongs to the brand Moncler, color version is PINK in the offer of the e-shop and is designed female.

MONCLER - Veraide Jacket - product parameters

Designed forfemale
CategorySleeves, Jackets, A jacket, Coats, Hoods, Long jackets
Designed forfemale

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