How to treat the car before winter?
25.11.2022 | Editorial office

How to treat the car before winter?

Enjoy freedom, travel hundreds of summer kilometers. This will definitely leave its mark on your car. But an even more demanding part of the year is coming. Summer heat and dust will be replaced by winter, frost and ice. A cold winter will test your companion's maintenance.

Therefore, get ready for autumn treatments . Even one weekend is enough and the car will repay you with easy maintenance. Treat the body paint , wheel discs and tires , clean and impregnate the front windows against fogging.

Clean the interior as well, it is your business card. A pleasant aroma will add a feeling of security and safety to the car .

Winter will quickly check your mixture in the washers . Prepare for the frost and don't forget the defrosters for locks and windows . Have a set of defrosters at home as well. They won't help you in a frozen car.

Don't forget to check the functionality of the car accessories . Ski and snowboard carrier or roof box . Even snow and ice won't surprise you with high-quality snow chains on wheels. A tow rope and a snow shovel do not take up much space and you can easily help yourself in a snowdrift . If you turn on your warning light or flashing beacon , you will be safe.

Body paint protection

Body paint protection

Protect the body paint from salt and other winter maintenance products. How to do it?

Thoroughly wash the entire car from dust and coarse dirt by hand or with a sponge .

Apply and leave the car shampoo to degrease and loosen the stubborn dirt in the pores of the paint. Using a rotating brush on a hose, a sponge or gloves , thoroughly wash all accessible parts of the vehicle.

Use a cloth made of synthetic or genuine leather to wipe the surface of water residues. Thoroughly clean, degrease and prepare the varnish by manual or machine polishing on the waxing.

Remove and treat scratches . Protect the paint surface with liquid wax using a wax sponge.

Polish the surface with a microfiber cloth .

With the headlight polishing kit, you can significantly improve your lighting and thus your safety on the road.

The application of nanocosmetics based on synthetic polymers creates a very thin nano layer on the surface. It repels water, protects the treated surface against pollution, fingerprints, UV radiation, but also against the impact of pebbles. This significantly extends the life of the car.

Good advice. It is best to do the entire treatment in the shade so that the surface of the varnish does not dry too quickly.

Cleaning stuffCleaning clothsCar cosmeticsPaint cleaners

Tire protection

Tire protection

Restore the appearance and quality of tires. Due to the sun and weather conditions, tires age and crack. Quality treatment protects against UV radiation.

What do you need for that? Common body care products supplemented with tire protection and impregnation.

After thorough washing, degreasing and drying, apply the tire treatment product according to the instructions. You can also treat the surface with wax .

And don't forget to treat your summer tires before storing them for the winter.

Universal cleaners

Wheel disc protection

Wheel disc protection

Wheel discs suffer the most during driving. They must withstand dirt, grease, asphalt and aggressive brake dust.

Every time you handle and change tires, wash the discs thoroughly and remove asphalt and brake dust.

Treat the wheel rims with the Cleaner Package set.

Finally, wax them. In winter, they will repay you with easy maintenance and will shine for a long time.

Car cosmetics

Glass cleaning and anti-fog protection

Glass cleaning and anti-fog protection

Prepare your car's windows for a long period of rain, darkness, humidity, fogging and frost. Liquid wipers , or so-called nanometric impregnation , are very practical for this time. Get rid of insects and dirt easily. Water-repellent properties also reduce the risk of frostbite.

Before applying it, clean the windows with a glass cleaning kit , or a high-quality car glass cleaner in a spray, or a foam cleaner. With a microfiber cloth, wipe the glasses dry and apply nano-impregnation. Then spread the product with a dry cloth and polish.

Use a similar procedure to protect the front inner glass with an anti-fog product . Car moisture absorbers are also very effective. For immediate glass cleaning, use anti-fog wipes .

Do not forget to check the arms of the wipers and, if necessary, replace the rubbers . There is nothing worse than blurry spots on the windshield in the backlight. Install new universal wipers.

Protection and cleaning of the dashboard, interior and air conditioning

Protection and cleaning of the dashboard, interior and air conditioning

The interior of the car is a business card and often the place where you do your work. Keep it clean and fragrant . Refresh its appearance regularly. Various preparations and sets are available for cleaning the dashboard, plastics and the entire interior.

Remove stains and spots regularly. In case of heavy and stubborn dirt, use a steam mop .

After cleaning, use preparations for impregnation and protection of textiles, leatherette and leather.

Clean and disinfect air conditioners . It's a simple process. If you follow the procedure, you will effectively get rid of the odor and bacteria in the inner part of the air conditioner. By doing so, you protect your health and the health of your family.

Universal cleanersSteam cleaners

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