BALENCIAGA - Sunglasses

BALENCIAGA - Sunglasses

BALENCIAGA - Sunglasses

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oval-frame sunglasses from BALENCIAGA EYEWEAR featuring dark grey, metal, tinted lenses and curved arms. These glasses come with a protective case.. We've partnered with Good On You — an independent agency that rates how brands perform in relation to their impact on the planet, people and animals, with a multi-criteria rating simplified to a five points scale. In order to be awarded our conscious label, larger brands need to score a minimum of four out of five ('Good'), while smaller brands must score at least three out of five ('It's a start'). This item comes from a brand rated four out of five ('Good') by Good on You. Please note, this is a brand-level rating and does not guarantee that this product is made with conscious materials.. This item is in size UNI and the color is Grey

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